Youth Ministry



noun |  sen·ti·nel  \ ˈsent-nəl , ˈsen-tə-nəl \

1. a solider or guard whose job is to stand and keep watch


Welcome to St. James Parish Youth Ministry!  

Like the lighthouses that dot our home shore on Lake Superior, like our city on a hill, we are watchmen and beckons of light in the darkness.  We carry the light of Christ into the world, reflecting His mercy to our friends, family, and peers.  


Upcoming Adventures:


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TOBIT High School Retreat: Spend the weekend in a cozy cabin in the woods while we talk about Theology of the Body. January 11-13th

Girls Retreat: Retreat for 24 hours with your friends and relax! February 15-16th

Middle School Lock In: We know you like staying up all night! So join us for another round of games! February 16th @ 7pm


Keep up to date on our happenings and adventures:

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