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August 13: The Feast of Pope St. Pontian & Priest, Hippolytus, Martyrs–And A Commentary on Reconciliation

Posted by Samantha Laveau on 8/13/20

A Patron Saint for a Good Argument

Is there a patron saint of arguing?  No, not officially, but if there was one, St. Barnabas would be in the running.  One of the most common things brought to the confessional is the “sin” of arguing:  arguing with one’s spouse, kids, ... Read More »

Mass on the Feast of the Assumption? Here’s Why

Posted by Samantha Laveau on 8/13/20

I am a true son of the Catholic Church. I love everything about being Catholic, and I happily do not dissent from any of Mother Church’s teaching because I see the clear logic in all of it, and I have faith that the Holy Spirit is guiding it as ... Read More »