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St. Januarius’ Blood—A Miracle, or What?

Posted by Samantha Laveau on 9/19/19

The month of September contains the feast day of a saint that is associated with one of the strangest occurrences in all of Catholicism, and the crazy thing is that the event happens with great regularity.

September 19 is the feast day of an obscure, yet celebrated saint by ... Read More »

St. Robert Bellarmine and Galileo

Posted by Samantha Laveau on 9/17/19

On Sept. 17, the Catholic Church honors the memory of one of its intellectual giants, who also happens to be a saint. St. Robert Bellarmine, who died in 1621, was a great teacher, churchman and cardinal. But from the secular side of things he has a bit of controversy, because ... Read More »

God Manifests Himself in the Office of Pope

Posted by Samantha Laveau on 9/06/19

Catholicism is the only religion that has a pope. Since the papacy is the subject of this web site, understanding why we have a pope is a great question.

First, we have to look at scripture. The most important passage is in Matthew 16. Jesus asks the apostles who ... Read More »