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Bringing Back Catholic Traditions

Posted by Samantha Laveau on 7/31/19

I very much enjoy reading.  Almost every night before bed I read for an hour or so, usually books on church history or some other aspect of the Catholic faith.  From time to time a book or a part of a book really impacts me, and this happened just ... Read More »

The Truth About Angels, God’s Messengers

Posted by Samantha Laveau on 7/18/19

The second reading at Mass today provided the framework for the Curator’s homily, which turned out to be an inspiring commentary on the 9 Choirs of Angels. Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time Reading 2 Col 1:15-20 Christ Jesus is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation. ... Read More »

With St. James, Tradition Bumps into Political Correctness

Posted by Samantha Laveau on 7/12/19

As significant the Twelve Apostles are to the Christian faith, we know so little about them. Even the book in the Bible known as the Acts of the Apostles is a misnomer, because it’s really only about one of the original Twelve (Peter) and the late-comer Paul.

What we ... Read More »