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‘Incorrupt’ Saints — What Do They Mean?

Posted by Samantha Laveau on 4/16/19

On April 16, the church honors St. Bernadette Soubirous (1844-79), the lone seer of the Virgin Mary’s appearance in Lourdes, France. Though St. Bernadette is a popular saint, with many of the faithful devoted to her, there is something else unusual about her that has drawn much attention even from the ... Read More »

Meditating on the Details of the Passion during Holy Week

Posted by Samantha Laveau on 4/11/19

In April, we tend to think of Easter, but before we get there we of course have to go through Holy Week and the Passion of Christ. For this column I want to explore some of the lesser known facts of Christ’s passion, as portrayed in the four Gospels. ... Read More »

Why Catholics Eat Fish on Fridays

Posted by Samantha Laveau on 4/08/19

Catholics throughout history have been called many names, some nice and others not so nice.  One of the names that has been attached to Catholics is “fish eaters.”  This is because of one of the more peculiarly outward Catholic practices that many non-Catholics wonder about—abstaining from meat on Fridays, ... Read More »

Confession: Jesus’ Most Important Gift to Us

Posted by Samantha Laveau on 4/04/19

Lent is a season of repentance of sin.  Repentance from sin for Catholics mostly means going to confession—yet another subject that is often misunderstood by Catholics and non-Catholics alike, and for that matter, the most unused of the sacraments.

From time to time, you will hear people explain what ... Read More »

Annunciation Adds Meaning to Mass in Nazareth

Posted by Samantha Laveau on 3/25/19

When I go to Rome, my favorite place to say Mass is over the tomb of St. John Paul the Great in St. Peter’s Basilica.  Being inspired by him and having had the opportunity to meet him make that altar particularly important to me.

In my years of priesthood ... Read More »

Ashes, Of Course, but There’s More to Get from Lent

Posted by Samantha Laveau on 3/06/19

Years ago one of my seminary professors cited a study listing the most well attended Masses of the year. The first two were obvious — Christmas and Easter — but the third and fourth most attended Masses were a bit of a surprise to me at the time. They ... Read More »

Tracing the Papacy Through the Old Testament

Posted by Samantha Laveau on 2/21/19

We have President’s Day in the United States, which was established in 1885 to honor President George Washington’s birthday. Officially it is celebrated on the 3rd Monday of February, giving our federal government a three day weekend. However his actual birth is on the 22nd of February, which I find ... Read More »

Don’t Say ‘Awesome’ — Few Things Really Are

Posted by Samantha Laveau on 2/15/19

  In a recent school Mass for the St. James Campus of Stella Maris Acad­emy, I had the kids guess my favor­ite word. After many different “holy” word guesses, I finally told them it was “linoleum.” Then I made them repeat it and told them I love saying it ... Read More »

Here’s the Real Story behind St. Valentine’s Day

Posted by Samantha Laveau on 2/11/19

  I generally utilize all my vacation time leading small private tours to Rome.  Although I enjoy it because I love the Eternal City and because I love to see people bewildered by the beauty of the city, it is indeed work for me.  We have long days with ... Read More »

Understanding Infallibility of the Pope

Posted by Samantha Laveau on 2/01/19

On February 22, the church celebrates the feast day of the Chair of Peter.  It is a feast in which the church celebrates the pastoral responsibility and authority of the bishop of Rome.  The chair that is referred to is of course his “cathedra,” the throne that represents his authority.

The actual cathedra of the pope is not in St. Peter’s Basilica but in the Cathedral of the Diocese of Rome, St. John ... Read More »