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Fr. Rich's Weekly Ramblings

You have most likely seen it in the bulletin already and maybe on our bulletin boards on the way into Mass, not to mention in The Northern Cross.  Soon you will certainly be seeing  it advertised on billboards around town and in other places as well and that is the event we are calling The Vatican Unveiled.

The Vatican Unveiled will be a one of a kind event in which you will be able to see items and relics from the popes and the Vatican, the Swiss Guard and even saints.  The event will be held at the DECC August 19-22 and will be open to the public at large.  We are advertising broadley around the entire state for this event so I expect good size crowds.  You can purchase tickets in advance at but there is also a better opportunity to see the collection up close and that is to purchase tickets for a more exclusive showing the eve of Friday August 19th.  That will be a limited size crowd with adult beverages and hors d'oeuvres and with a private tour from yours truly.  Also there will be a famous guest at that event and that is Mark Hall-Patton ("The Beard of Knowledge") from the television show Pawn Stars.
The whole event is a fundraiser for our school Stella Maris Academy and Star of the North Maternity home.  There is a ton of work being put into this exhibit and it will not be repeated any time soon.  Some of you may remember when something similar was done at St. Scholastica back in 2004, while that was a great and successful event, this will be on a different level with all sorts of ultra rare items to be displayed; things even the Vatican Museum does not have.  Please go on the website and order your tickets, we are expecting thousands of people to travel to Duluth for this so I hope our own parishioners will come as well.  


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Bishop Daniel Felton

Just a word about  the vestment the bishop will be wearing at Mass this morning; it may look familiar because it is the same vestment St. John Paul II is portrayed as wearing in our stained glass window.  Our former bishop, Bp. Schnurr was the executive director of World Youth Day Denver in 1993, when Pope John Paul II said the closing Mass for that event he wore this very vestment.  At the end of the program the Pope gave the vestment to Schnurr as a token of appreciation for the success of the program.  Fast forward many years later, when Schnurr became our bishop he showed me the vestment which I immediately salivated over!  The bishop had appointed me to be his point person for Vocations for the diocese and he told me that as soon as we get 25 seminarians studying for our diocese he would give me the pope's vestment!  We got there!  And when we did we had the highest number of seminarians in the country per capita of any diocese in the country, and the bishop gave me the pope's vestment which now is a major second class relic of my favorite saint and favorite pope.  The last time it was worn was ten years ago after JPII was beatified, and at that time I decided never to wear it again, but it seems most appropriate to have it worn today by our new bishop at the blessing of the sanctuary that portrays the great saint wearing this very vestment.  St. John Paul the Great, pray for us!

Diocese News from The Northern Cross

Deacon Kyle Eller: In a post-Roe world, our pro-life convictions have to deepen still more

I’ve been pro-life since I knew what the word “abortion” meant. When God called me back to faith, one of the means he used to bring me to the Catholic Church was its pro-life witness, which presented, in an even deeper and more profound way than I had yet been able to, the best moral intuition in me of the inestimable value of every human life. 

Deacon Kyle Eller

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Two priests ordained for Duluth Diocese

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Procession through Duluth kicks off Eucharistic Revival in the diocese

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Sanctuary Restoration Update

Conrad Schmitt Studios

Conrad Schmitt is the company working on the Sanctuary Restoration. 

Check out their website to see some of their previous work. 

Meet the Artist

Corbert Gauthier is the artist working on the angels for the Sanctuary Restoration. 

Check out his website to see some of his amazing work. 

Parking Lot Update

We are excited to announce that the St. James parking lot is completed and open to park in! This is such a great improvement to our church and school! 

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